Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sant'Egidio, Peace and Prayer

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of John Paul II's historic gathering for peace at Assisi, Sant'Egidio has brought the Peace prayer to the US for the first time here at Georgetown University. I have had the great experience of being here and participating this week. It is surely the most astounding gathering of religious, government and humanitarian leaders in years. Talks, Panels and prayer have been truly wonderful. There is a definite holding up of Andrea Riccardi's theme that war is the mother of all poverty. The US administration sent a State Depart under-secy who clearly knew nothing about the groups she was addressing and gave an offensive call for fighting the terrorists that have eluded her government's grasp. She was received politely. But the overall tenor and dedication, along a true inter-religious and ecumenical reality is astounding and give great hope to this war and poverty ridden world. Pray that the message is spread by all.