Friday, March 17, 2006

Patrick the Immigrant

In my homily today I pointed to 2 sons of Ireland, Archbishop Sean Brady of Armagh, and Cardinal Roger Mahoney of LA. Both have just called out Christian attention to the immigrants that are coming to both countries. Brady is the first successor of Patrick in the see of Armagh to ever have to urge the Irish to welcome immigrants to their island. Until recently immigrants left Ireland, now they are streaming in because of the prosperity and opportunities. Mahoney is defiant of a proposed new US anti-immigrant law that would penalize even those church workers who help immigrants. This vicious law derives from the ugly hysteria that is being fanned by people like Lou Dobbs on CNN who are merely a media savvy nativist movmement. Mahoney says he and his diocese will not obey such an unjust law if it comes to pass. It is Patrick, the two-time immigrant to Ireland, whose legacy we must invoke right now.