Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Keeping Up With The Jones (if they're friends)

In the last week I received two messages from old friends who want to get together for lunch here in New York this week. They are from completely separate parts of my life. One is a former Paulist Priest who has been in Relief work all over the world. The other is a woman, Roman trained theologian whom I came to know through her brother who was a student at Tufts when I was chaplain there. Ironically, they both come from Washington but are in different fields and certainly are of different generations. It makes me also reflect in the good friends that I have either lost contact with, or have just a very slight contact with. I suppose that, with friendship, everything is as circumstantial and fleeting as most things are, but I also feel a kind of neglect that really gets my attention when a friendship is somehow renewed after many years and I wonder how I could ever have so careless. Of course, perhaps I should also ask that question of the new-found old friend.