Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Set Before You...Life or Death

This morning began with reading about two medical pioneers who have died and who separately did so much for cancer research. One was a leader in the early application of chemicals to cancer cell growth, the other outstanding in pain relief. I had never heard their names before but I read their obituaries with the special interest of someone who has benefited greatly from their research and applications. But then, a few hours later, news started coming of the major assault of the US and Iraq military in that sad country. The nature of this assault, nevermind all the talk about terrorists and foreign fighters, will by necessity include the deaths and injuries of large numbers of innocents who are so obscenely called "collateral damage". Once again, we see the two paths: life and death. It is especially horrible to realize that the two icons of life saving research belong to the past, while the death dealing assault is now, just beginning.