Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How Double Can The Standard Get?

A number of the most important US media outlets, with some very few paper outlets as the exceptions, have decided not to publish the offensive Danish cartoons. Today's New Times discusses the whole issue raised by the cartoons but does not show any of the offensive cartoons. Yet somehow it finds a way to publish (once again) a photo of the dung decorated Virgin Mary that caused controversy at the Brooklyn Museum some years ago. This painting and the Piss Christ are frequently depicted in newspapers and other media, always citing freedom of speech and press to any who object. Now some Moslems around the world, who have great insight into Western deceits, are publishing cartoons that offend Western Secularists, eg. Anne Frank in bed with Hitler, a contest for the best Holocaust cartoon, etc. With more than a touch of genius, they say they just want to test the much vaunted freedom of speech and press. The early returns on these experiments are already coming in (as if the outcome were ever in doubt). Its ok to mock and pillory Jesus, Mohammed, the Catholic church, evangelical Christians. It is not permitted to mock or pillory Jews, or racial minorities (unless Arab), Holocaust claims or numbers and feminism. I think the rules are pretty clear.