Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Healing of Jesus

The New Testament readings at Sunday Mass have been about the healing events during the ministry of Jesus. They are never offered as magic tricks to wow the crowds and in fact, they are often cloaked in the Messianic Secret which Jesus invokes when he tells the rescued to tell no one, but of course they tell everyone. Each story reveals another dimension of the trust we are invited to place in Jesus and his healing. The shrewd gang today gets their paralyzed friend to the front of the line by opening the roof of the house where such a crowd has gathered so they can lower their friend right down in front of Jesus. Surely they gained no popularity by jumping to the head of the line. Yet their strategy speaks strongly to us about the determination and practical genius that accompanies our cry for healing. Today some of those practical smarts involve getting the right doctors and treatments, as well as learning everything we can about our conditions. With some experience in this search for healing, I can gladly testify to the blessings that come with these efforts, along with sharing one's needs with others and putting all trust in the Divine Healer who is with us whatever the outcome.