Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Failure of the NeoCon Ideology

Two important intellectual figures have declared in recent days that the US policy in Iraq has been a failure: William F. Buckley and Francis Fukuyama. Along with others, they were among those who had argued that, in a post-communist world, the American Superpower was obliged to make democracy universal. Hence the rhetoric of creating a truly democratic Iraq and of exporting such to other parts of the Middle East and beyond. However, when democracy in the Palestinian territories brought forth an undesired victor with the ascendancy of Hamas, the tune, and the dollars, changed drastically. A very righteous double standard emerged as the US stance and it was bloated with a rank hypocrisy that was impossible not to see and smell. More than a few NeoCons have cut and run with a belated honesty and realism. A whole American Empire is beginning to follow the laws of inevitable decline that were observed about earlier Empires thousands of years ago.