Monday, February 06, 2006

Danish Cartoons

We don't have to argue about any violence that is now being used as a response to the Danish cartoons. But we should also not have to argue that the original Danish cartoons were provocative and blatantly adolescent, as are all popular assaults on deeply held religious beliefs. Secularists love to shout freedom of speech and the press now, but they are very selective in their frequent shutting down of what they judge offensive to their politically correct and favored minorities. In most secular democracies, racist and anti-Semitic and anti-feminist sentiments are as rigidly suppressed as any Moslem society would suppress a mockery of the Prophet. The fact of the matter is that huge numbers in the Moslem world are furious at us and at the West for the war and occupation of Iraq, for the horrendous treatment of Moslem immigrants and workers in Western societies, and for the utterly one-sided, uncritical US support for Israel, no matter what atrocities are committed under the spurious claims of Israeli security. All this illustrates how deep the alienation has now become. We reap what we sow.