Saturday, January 28, 2006

Watching Oprah

I don't know why I have never watched a whole Oprah until the other day when she had the James Frey showdown. My sister had actually alerted me to it earlier in the day and I am grateful. My primary question was the same old one, "Where's the money?" The book will have even bigger sales now that its been revealed as largely a fabrication. Doubleday, Nan Talease, Frey and Oprah have all made their cut and now will get in line again. For all the sanctimonious posturing on the show, no one told us about the money already secured and what will happen to it and to future profits. Oprah called Frey a liar, but he did not quite admit to that (probably on legal advice) but he could have legitimately agreed and then turned on the whole bunch and said "Liars yourself." But that will be the next book, won't it?