Thursday, January 12, 2006

So Korean Stem Cell Debacle

The fraud in the So Korean laboratories does not make all the hype about embryonic stem cells to become automatically invalid. Yet when one looks at the scope of the publicity that informed the world about these breakthroughs, plus the wide range of the fraud itself, people are wise to become more skeptical. Embryonic stem cells have not yet proven human effectiveness. Adult stem cells have already. I am the very grateful beneficiary of such a stem cell transplant eight years ago. I have often wondered why the medical community has not been pushing more aggresively for greater funding and research for adult stem cell research which is already doing marvels. I have moral objections to the use or production of embryos for scientific experimentation. Right now there is enormous confusion about what stem cells, of either kind, can reasonably promise. This is the time to push for adult stem cell research by government and private research centers.