Friday, December 16, 2005

Peter Singer, Merchant of Death

Peter Singer is still, as far as I know, a professor of Ethics at Princeton. He has consistently taken the current elite notions of human life to their logical conclusions. for example allowing parents to end the lives of babies who are not well suited for life in his brave new world. Singer is taken very seriously and is published in many places which accord him the honor of someone who speaks from a well informed ethical perspective. His recent article, linked here in Foreign Policy, on the future of life is a incisive and horrifying prediction of where our society is heading. I urge you to read this short prediction and then reflect on how the front page news about the fraudulent stem cell experiments in South Korea impacts on the arrogance of his confident prophesies. Without judging the inner life of the man or the contours of his conscience, I can only call his long-held views one of the very few instances of pure, uncomplicated evil in our world.

Foreign Policy: The Sanctity of Life