Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Non-Seasonal Sentimentality and Nostalgia

I was nearly overcome with nostalgia as I read of the secret FBI investigations of activist and subversive groups. What delights of memory were mine when reading that the FBI has been watching the "semi-communist" Catholic Worker groups. It took me right back to the good old days of youth, of L.Patrick Gray, HR Haldemann, Nixon's enemies, and the whole brilliant conspiracy that brought down a government and changed history. But evidently not enough change! Don't you wish that these new, young agents had at least gone out and rented a copy of All The President's Men and watched their nonsense as it unraveled on the earlier attempt. To all those of us who wallowed in Watergate: We're Back! Eric Lichtblau of the Times is doing outstanding work these days and may yet redeem the reputation of the paper from its entanglement with the Woman of Mass Destruction (Maureen Dowd's characterization of former Times reporter, Judy Miller).