Tuesday, December 27, 2005

End of Year, End of Time

The main complaint I have about this whole season is now coming to the forefront everywhere: the lists of the best of____in 2005, and the predictions of 2006. I love everything else about this time. Tomorrow I am off to DC to spend a few days with friends and then back via Baltimore to see some other friends. There is also a nice post-holiday feeling, at least around Jan 2nd or 3rd, of getting back to normal (whatever that might be). I am hoping the thinly disguised US withdrawal from Iraq picks up speed and support, and that our domestic problems receive more attention (not very hopeful about that with this crowd still in power). I also pray for all who read this and for those in need of prayer, for all I have offended and for all the lost good that I could have done or helped with. But, in the end, we are rescued and have been brought home and the feasts of the Savior's birth and Epiphany will nourish us all in faith and spirit.