Monday, November 28, 2005

Traveling in the 4th Grade

A good friend of mine asked me to be one of the far flung people to fill out the travelogue for his 4th grade niece. It has just been forwarded to me by another friend in Knoxville and now I am to list the delights and highlights of NY. This is a terrific way for a 4th grade class in Ohio to develop curiosity about the larger world (not to imply, Joe, that there is anything inadequate about Ohio). Parochial, narrow minded New York kids like myself had very little interest in anything beyond maybe Ireland and the five boroughs which we arrogantly thought were the extent of all that was fascinating in this world. Now all these year separated from my own 4th grade, and having visited many wonderful parts of the world, I am almost embarrassed to be back in my 4th grade hegemony - Really, there is no place like New York.