Sunday, November 06, 2005

Running New York

Literally. Thousands of marathoners are heading to the finish line in Central Park. Its a warm day here and may be uncomfortable for some runners. They are all over the city for the past 2 days and a welcome insight into the human spirit. The training, fortitude, sheer endurance - all make me feel both inadequate and a bit grateful that I don't feel the pull to it or anything quite like it. I do love exercise and these days, for me, that is largely my regular 4 mile walks around Manhattan and Brooklyn. I feel very renewed physically, spiritually and psychologically by my walking regime, and can really miss it when weather or some other factor interferes. The other meaning of "running New York" will be decided on Tuesday's election for mayor. Little doubt about Bloomberg's dominance in the polls and especially in his own personal money spent. And across the river, the NJ race for governor is a close one between two incredibly wealthy men. Some say this wealth makes them all less susceptible to any form of bribe, but I continue to lament the acquisition of a personal fortune as the prelude to public service.