Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Random and Scattered...

Just returned from a week in Washington DC where I was presenting a course to our 4 Paulist novices in their first year of formation. Then I had the chance to spend some time with 2 wonderful friends and their little boy who took me to the park on a beautiful fall day.
Also followed the withdrawal of Harriet Miers and now the nomination of Judge Alito. I walked by the White House where I met Cindy Sheehan and then by the Federal Courthouse which was surrounded by massive media because Scooter Libby's indictment just came down from the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald. Iraq continues to be the horror of these years and is no doubt the root reason for all the dishonesty that is just slightly revealed in the indictment of Libby. We live in a nation at war with an external enemy and a nation at war with itself. Not an easy time.