Saturday, November 26, 2005

Advent Time

As we were driving back to NY from my brother's Thanksgiving dinner over the George Washington Bridge, I had thoughts about what some of the people at the dinner had done with their time in life, in all cases a shorter time than mine. People have come and gone, dealt with illnesses and deaths, headed off to college or graduated, married and had families. I am sort of a visitor in most of these lives, only meeting them at family occasions like Thanksgiving. I have another track of time - my own - which seems to move too quickly. Advent sends us back to the birth of Jesus, and to the end of the world, to the time of ancient Israel and to our own time. Advent tells me that it is all the same event, same one moment but that our limited human minds have to carve it up into past, present and future. I get the sense that we are invited to trust that God is holding us always, however we feel at the moment, and that trust is the substance of our faith.