Saturday, October 22, 2005

MSM Wrong Again

I love the acronym, MSM, for Main Stream Media, because I devour MSM and, not to any surprise, read very eagerly its coverage of the Catholic Church. The people who brought you Jayson Blair and Palme-gate devoted a major first page story some weeks ago to rumors that Benedict XVI was about to issue an edict banning all homosexuals from the priesthood. Needless to say, all the lesser MSM worthies followed in quick order. A short time later when it became evident that this was not the case, a small buried item on page xxth carried that news. No correction, no explanation of how they came to the erroneous conclusions they had previously trumpeted. Now the Synod is ending and there is no revivial or emphasis on the pre-Vatican liturgy. The MSM had led us to believe that Benedict and the bishops of the Synod would restore it as a way of re-vitalizing the Church. "Not an issue," was the way one of the Synod participants summed it up. As a friend of mine said about a book he looked at that contained obvious factual errors, "If they can get this wrong, what else have they missed?"