Sunday, September 18, 2005

Judge John Roberts' Religion

Judge Roberts was, even in the estimation of those Senators probably opposed to his confirmation, the most impressive nominee to the high court in anyone's memory. Yet some Senators applied the religious test, forbidden in the Constitution, to his holding office. Senator Feinstein was the most blatant of all of them. She literally wondered if he could keep his religion under wraps on the bench. She would never have asked such an offensive question to a practicing Jew or to an African-American Baptist. Strangely the other Senators showed little outrage at her stance. Others, both publicly and privately, have asked him about his religious faith. Some liberals are showing their animus toward religious commitment, especially when they fear its impact. Sad and blatant double standard.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Minor Weather Pains

The return of hot and humid weather to my region is a cause for complaint today but a very minor thing when compared to the recent weather in the Gulf states. A number of remarks have been made about how this sort of natural disaster calls into question the existence of a benign God. In fact, some fundamentalists - Christian, Jewish and Moslem - have seen God's punishing hand in the tragedy. Punishing New Orleans for its sins, punishing the US for supporting the Gaza pullout, punishing the US by revealing the hugeness of racial disparity. What really holds me, however, is human responsibility in the wake of the awful weather. Some failed almost utterly in their responsibility, many others have responded with heroic generosity. Sin and grace, as always.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Awful Sadness of Colin Powell

I had expected, years ago, that Colin Powell might well be President. Going into the this 2nd Bush administration has really brought him down. He is now acknowledging that fall publicly with what he calls a stain on his reputation. I was also shocked that he rules out race in the aftermath of Katrina, and says its an economic divide we are seeing. Yes, an economic divide for sure, but one that falls on largely racial lines. As a life long military officer, Powell is a very loyal person and is now suffering for his blind loyalties to the Bush family over many years. Sadly, in the end, it all reveals nothing so much as a significant flaw in Powell himself.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Be sure and check out the newly updated web page for the virtual ministry of the National Office of Young Adult Ministry. It is well worth your visit and support.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Katrina has made me very aware of how much we all need the care and generosity of others. Obviously ineptitude and gross stupidity have blunted that gift for hundreds of thousands in the wake of the storm. I am wierdly grateful for Barbara Bush's comment in the Astrodome to the effect that the evacuees were ok and, besides, they were underprivileged already. Unwittingly she opened a window into the very attitude that beset all government, on all levels, including her own son and family. But much more. It all combines to say so much about the way in which we view poor and black people all the time. We are seeing the unfolding of enormous loss but we are, at the same time, looking in the mirror and seeing what others see when they look at us.