Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Msgr, St Patrick's and Scandal

Since we still have only denials from the Msgr and the secretary, we need to postpone some of our judgments. One opinion is, however, already clearly warranted: a very hard line exponent of traditional sexual morality has been grossly imprudent. The tape shows at least that much. It also important to recall now that when the Msgr blamed the abuse crisis on liberals and gays, the archdiocese had the good sense to distance itself a bit by saying that these were the Msgr's personal opinions. Now I am sure there is a cardinal and some of his advisers who wish they had made that "distance" a lot more like 20 football fields. There is a pattern here of very hardliners turning out to be much more "liberal" or lenient on themselves than on others. This double standard is fully ecumenical and includes all sorts of preachers, doesn't it?