Tuesday, August 23, 2005

International Solidarity Movement : Fact Sheet: The Smokescreen of the Gaza Disengagement

International Solidarity Movement � Fact Sheet: The Smoke Screen of the Gaza Disengagement

This website and its movement helps to counter the very misleading propaganda that is filling the US media about the Gaza withdrawal. Please remember the awful history of this taking of land, then the driving out of Palestinians, most of whom first entered Gaza as refugee's from Israeli occupation of Palestine in 1947 on on. This is only a tiny step in bringing about justice. Now comes the huge settlements that have been planted in the West Bank and, from most of which, Sharon says there will be no withdrawal or settlement. US compliance and very large financing of all these injustices, even until this day, is poisoning our relations with fair minded Middle Easterners (Arab, Christian, Moslem and Jewish people and groups who know the history and the injustice). Yet the US policy persists in the face of reality and the truth is that both political parties will continue support the same horrendous deeds and policies. Just look at what happens to dissenters from this "party line," not in Iraq, in China, or North Korea but right here in this land of free and open debate (???)