Saturday, July 30, 2005

Vatican rejects Israeli complaint

BBC NEWS World Europe Vatican rejects Israeli complaint

This is a very signfificant diplomatic action by the Holy See(go to BBC link) and one that will be welcomed by many throughout the world. All killing and terrorism is obviously wrong but, in the eyes of many socially conscious people of faith, the actions of Palestinians against Israelis are often in reponse to the illegal state terrorism by Israel against Palestinians, including the killing of civilians and children, the destruction of homes, and now the creation of a wall between the 2 peoples that has only one purpose - to create hardships for the Palestinian people. No nation, even the US, can bring itself to support this wall in any shape or form. This newly energized Vatican response to the slanderous attacks by Israeli officials will hopefully provide some support (or cover) for other nations to speak the truth. I have no hope that the US will do so but then the US is doing lots of things these days that show no decent respect for the opinions of mankind.