Saturday, July 09, 2005

Journalism, Evolution and Cardinal Schonborn

Rarely have we been served up a more brilliant piece of journalistic ignorance than the story on the front page of this morning NY TIMES by Cornelia Dean and Laurie Goodstein, reporting on an oped in the Times by the Archbishop of Vienna and main author of the Catholic Catechism. Start at the beginning: the headline. Who at the Times thinks that a single Cardinal can "Redefine" Catholic teaching on anything. How deep does this ingnorance go? But their article then goes on to completely falsify what the Cardinal wrote. He was distinguishing between evolution as a scientific theory and a more atheistic version often called Neo-Darwinism which crosses the boundary and insists that the randomness of evolution utterly negates any provision for a creator. Are these 2 reporters and their editors really so shocked that a cardinal, while accepting the general contours of evolutionary theory, would point out that a dogmatic atheistic reading of the scientific picture cannot be reconciled with Catholic belief? I would love to see more coverage in the Times of religion and science but, please get some people who know something about both topics.