Sunday, July 24, 2005

I Don't Believe Them

After the London bombings, the attempts, the wrongful shooting and the incredible carnage in Egypt, I am less willing than ever to believe what they are saying. For years, I have been told in the mainline media that 1) Mossad has the most brilliant intelligence service in the world and 2) that Egypt and other Arab countries are under the heel of dictatorial police states where the government knows everything. Now we are supposed to believe the neither Mossad nor Egypt intelligence knew or could interfere with this strike. We still don't know what information was passed around pre-9/11, or by whom? I don't have buy some strange conspiracy theory to be very unsure of the reliability of the governments involved, including the US. I am very happy to hear Benedict XVI especially dismiss the "clash of cilivilizations" paradigm because I do believe that economic and political forces are pushing that view of inevitable war between Islam and the West. On a much, much lighter note, I love the rumor that it was Karl Rove who spilled the beans on Jude Law and his nanny.