Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Home Grown Terrorism

According to accounts, Tony Blair has voiced shock that it now appears that the London bombers were born in the UK. I suppose it would a bit easier for the government spinners if they could portray evil foreigners sneaking into the country. But this is a different story, or is it? Many of the same reports indicate a rise in violence and property damage to UK Mosques since the bombing. Will there also be shock when these thugs are discovered to be home grown in the UK? I think not and I think I know why. People over here and there are portraying this as an Islamic force but never identify the religion (if any) of the victims. What are the religious ties of those on both sides of the ocean who deface Mosques or shout agressive slurs on the street or use the media to to voice vehement anti-Moslem, anti-foreigner bigotries? Think you'll see a headline like: "White, Christian male caught breaking windows of the local mosque."