Friday, July 08, 2005

But Why ?

VP Cheney's pillorying of a therapeutic strategy against terrorists notwithstanding, we do need to ask why some young people in the Moslem world are motivated to bomb or suicide-bomb utterly innocent people as in London yesterday or here on 9/11 or in Madrid. Granted all the usual things that are said of them: young, uneducated (not usually true), susceptible to propaganda, etc, still it is an alarming reality that people hate us enough to do these deeds. We have Saddam in custody, we have nearly wiped out the Taliban, we have supposedly crippled Al Queda, yet they did London with precision and coordination. They hate us and will keep after us because of the US led policies in the Middle East. Without for an instant condoning the attacks, we have to face the truth that many of our policies are horribly wrong in that region. We prop up the most repressive Arab regimes who torment their own people, we take their oil on the cheap, we give almost unconditional support to Israel which has oppressed Palestinians since its inception. Now we have invaded Moslem lands and are planning a long stay. Sorry, Mr Cheney, but your country would be a lot safer and a lot greater, if it had the guts to look at itself and see itself as most see it (huge majorities in Europe, Asia and South America).