Sunday, July 03, 2005

Born Again and Dying

A quick overnight trip to Boston allowed me the great privilege of baptizing little Ryan Callahan. There were 3 children in the gathering that I had baptized. A large crowd of family and friends then celebrated a brunch in the Back Bay. I feel so blessed to be a friend to Ryan's parents and they have been so wonderful to me over 20 years. After returning last night, we heard this am that a wonderful parishioner here, Celerina Garcia, died this am in Calvary Hospital. She was a woman of deep faith, who was also a good friend to many Paulists here. She and her parents had come here from Cuba and now they're all with the Lord. And so, as always, we live and die. A baby is baptized and a friend dies. And it is the Lord who calls us to both life and death.