Monday, July 04, 2005

The 4th of July

Even while wishing people a happy Independence Day and relishing the struggle of our struggle for freedom from Britain, I feel a significant amount of ambiguity on this day. Patriotism does not come easily when your country is engaged in a deadly, wasteful, unpopular war. Most of the nations in the world are skeptical to very hostile because of this war. I agree with much of what they say. The ex-CIA officer, Ray McGovern uses the acronym, OIL, to explain our real motives in this Middle Eastern adventure. 1) Oil; 2) Israel and 3) Logistics of creating a military outpost to serve the interests of the first two. So I wish you a pleasant and safe holiday, and I am praying for the men and women in uniform and for all the Iraqi people, but none of my feelings are rooted in patriotism or pride of nation. In fact, I believe we are shamed by our government.