Saturday, June 04, 2005

Koran Abuse

There is something bracing and exhilarating about the outrage expressed by many Moslems world's over the US treatment of both Moslem detainees and of the Holy Book of Koran. Much of the initial outcry about Koran abuse came from prisoners themselves at Gitmo who, despite the isolation and fear, have not lessened their religious faith or their outrage at its treatment. The US administration is making a complete fool of itself and is making enemies everywhere by debating the use of the word, Gulag, by Amnesty International, while most of the world, including our allies, are stunned by the revelations of prisoner abuse that mount each day. We have, in effect, declared a war on Islam in the crudest and most incendiary fashion, holding men with Moslem names without charges, deporting people with no place to go and torturing prisoners. I am convinced that torture and humiliation are in the arsenal of the US policy, even if hidden under a wink and nod. However much Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld put down the reports (many of them from our own military), obviously much of the world views the US under this administration as the modern, 21st century keeper of the Gulag. Can we recover?