Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Does Celebrity Trump?

After the not guilty verdicts were read out in the Michael Jackson trial yesterday, many commentators opined that, in these sorts of trials, the fame and status of the accused wins the non guilty verdicts. Maybe? Is it a California thing? I do not think so. The case against Jackson was a bit murky and the testimony was very suspicious. I also believe that, while most consider any form of child molestation as a huge crime, many have become dubious of all the claims, recovered memories and strange chronologies of alleged acts and much later accusations. Strong suspicious about the finanacial motives abound. The massive media coverage create its own very determinative reality. There is no doubt that, as Maureen Orth wisely said yesterday, we really do have to understand that our culture is simply besotted with celebrity, their changing partners, their feuds, their new looks and now a telephone attack by Russell Crowe on an hotel clerk which apparently increased the initial box office take on his new film. For all the analysis of the trial and the culture that loves a Michael Jackson or a Madonna, we also need to regain our own personal focus and direction. But that is surely a very difficult task in our culture. Is it all entertainment?