Friday, June 10, 2005

Boston Horror

When Catholic politicians (Irish and Italian) in Boston start using words like "reprehensible" to criticize the Archdiocese of Boston in the public arena, the Archbishop needs to wake up. Archbp. Sean O'Malley may be obtuse, oblivious, or very, very badly advised. The debacle of the sudden closing of the parish school as described by McGrory at the link is awful. Closing or consolidating a Catholic school is not at issue here. The issue is the unbelievably incompetent manner of the Archdiocese's sense of people and the public at large. Operating like some CIA or CSI fueled amateurs, they hear that people are going to seize the school and occupy it. Don't they know that every reporter will go after the money quote, in this case, a early grade student wanting just to back into the closed school to retrieve his crayons? Coming after the duplicity of diverting funds collected at Easter and Christmas for the retired priests' fund, and coming after the years of coverup and deceit about clergy sex abuse, this latest is unfathomable. If their purpose was to edge the other deceits off the front page, maybe they have some success. I love Boston, served there for many years in campus ministries and cannot believe what I am hearing and reading.