Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Newsweek offers itself to readers as an expert news source about our world. Yet Newsweek did not know how strong the reaction would be to their now very dubious report of US officers flushing the Koran down a toilet. Hard to believe? Who are these "investigative reporters" and their anonymous news sources? The leading one in this case is Ishicoff. Ok, we already saw him endlessly on TV after he alleged broke the Monica/Bill Clinton story. Did he just get the Koran story wrong? Newsweek now says it retracts the story? Is this guy making the whole thing up, sort of stirring the pot? Why would the magazine and its parents at Washington Post allow such inflammatory statements be made so easily? So add this debacle to the Dan Rather-Jayson Blair-government payoffs to news columnists, and it might make you skeptical of what you see and hear in the vaunted media. Is it just lazy, sloppy reporting, or is there an agenda at work?