Sunday, May 15, 2005

Disasters, NY Style

Just this past week, a retaining wall collapsed onto one of our busiest highways, a key bridge connecting us by rail to the main land went up in flames, plus hundreds of ordinary deaths, murders, thefts and broken hearts. Over all of this, we are faced with a mayor who is hell bent on building a football stadium on Manhattan's West Side, just to ease the traffic flow. If you are in the vast majorityof Americans, you probably just muttered something about how arrogant NYers deserve all this. The other, neglected side of things is that here in NY, most things actually do work, almost all the time, people are immensely good, caring and patient, and we may get a new mayor (who is not a billionaire who buys his election out of pocket). Traffic is moving, people all over these 5 boroughs are bringing their beloved weekends to a close, and gearing up for another Monday morning rush hour. How can anyone really dislike us?