Saturday, March 26, 2005

Easter Approaches

Life can be understood as an either/or (you're either dead or alive, time of death, etc), or it can be visualized as a continuum during which we slowly die. Now the public sphere is full of rather tawdry discussion about a brain damaged woman in Florida and her feeding tube. It does seem to me that both sides of this legal impasse are seeking control of something that cannot ever be controlled. Yes, there is money involved and it will be controlled by some judiciary. But no one can find a legal or moral warrant for controlling life. Easter is the ultimate experience of our lack of a control mechanism because it so beautifully shows how God can give the gift of life, even by robbing death of its apparent finality. Even the insatiable curiosity and strange celebrity-creating of the American culture can alert us, this Easter, to the gift, in all its forms and shapes, now raised up to new life in and for all of us.