Saturday, March 05, 2005

Considering the Alternative

Whether you have ever harbored negative thoughts about the present pope, or if you think (as I do) that John Paul II is a towering figure of faith and fidelity for the ages, be sure and read the story in the alternative paper, New York Press. Perhaps it is an attempt at humor in an era when nothing is sacred, but then go on to examine the mind and depraved human psyche that produces such vicious trash, and, equally, the editors, owners, etc. who decide to promote it. I hope this gets the greatest amount of publicity so that all can contemplate the true nature of those who hate this pope. In the same vein, I notice all the jeering and cat-calls that interrupted the speech of the woman representing the Vatican at the UN conference on women when she outlined the Vatican positions on abortion and marriage fidelity. And these are alleged intelligent world leaders! Hillary and some others who are calling for openness and dialogue on life issues should speak out forcefully against these exercises of hate speech. We wait for the exercise of their free speech.

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