Tuesday, February 01, 2005


An email I just received from someone who checks out Blogs that have "Paulist" involved happens to come from a friend of our Vocation Director, Fr. Ed Nowak, with whom I live in our NY house. It got me thinking about vocations and my correspondent also mentioned that she could not be a seminarian. (I will write to her about being a theology student instead.)

If anyone who is reading this has thought about priesthood or the religious life, I urge you to talk with people about that. Every diocese has a vocations department or director, as does every religious community of women or men. There are also a huge and growing number if lay ministry opportunities like the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. If you would like me to offer some info, just email me.

I will add here, in the service of my own community, that the Paulists would be glad to talk with Catholic men about the Paulist Fathers, their work and mission. Write to Fr. Nowak at: lmfvoc@aol.com or call at 800-235-3456 or 212-757-4260. I would add that I am confident that many people would, as I have been blessed to find out, discover enormous life fulfillment in a church vocation. Tomorrow I will tell you why I think the vocation of marriage and parenting is so important and the life that involves the great sacrifice.