Friday, February 04, 2005

Nothing Is Lost

The cliche certainly has us all looking back into memories as we get older. No doubt, there is much truth in this truism. I also experience delight mixed with fear when I allow my memories to come forth. The fear is that I am losing some of them, or forgetting, and that some really important thoughts get lost. (I am not specifically fearful of any real memory loss at this point in my life.) Then I reflect on the central role of memory in Christian faith. "Do this in memory of me." "Remember me at (name of shrine or sanctuary)." We even talk about being held in God's memory. All our existence, past, present and unknown future dwells in God's mind. Being held in God's mind is exactly what created us and sustains us in existence. This will lead us into eternity. All our assurance, self-confidence, hope and life is rooted in that mind and its glorious memory which, as God does not live under the constraints of time and place, will hold us always and, in that mind, nothing is ever lost.