Friday, February 11, 2005

C.S.I. and TV viewing

I am in a huge number of people who almost never miss an episode of CBS's great hits, 3 different versions. I love the NY CSI best but the other 2 always catch me watching. I often tape them to watch them at a more convenient time -- and FF the commercials. Why the great appeal? The shows dazzle us with some probably unreal scientific and forensic skills. I have heard that people now get mad at local police who show up without all the latest gadgets they have seen on CSI. I am glad these shows are on and they are doing so well. Even with all the fanciful tricks and gimmicks, I have learned a great deal, even about the way DNA works. The rush of "reality TV shows" pose no interest for me, but I am glad to have these CSI shows and some others that really tell a good story. American TV is, as Newton Minnow, said 40 years ago, a Wasteland, but now and then some intelligence and drama and acting catch us. Thanks to those who can muster all that.