Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bush in Old Europe

I am disappointed but hardly surprised at the ambiguous receptions that W is receiving in Europe. He is trying to pass off as ancient history the efforts of his administration to divide Europe. Perhaps Bush and Rice have learned the futility of these efforts, or they are just making nice for cameras. I think the latter. The US still refuses to join or support the International Court, continues to boycott the Kyoto Treaties and never admits even the slightest mistake. I have no illusions about the ego-rich leadership of the EU or NATO, but the fact is that we would have been wiser to listen to their fears about Iraq, their acceptance of the global warming threats, and the needs for International Law. The worst aspects of American exceptionalism and macho posturing are on display with this administration. The results are not only looking silly but also very unwisely headed off in solitary isolation. A strong, secure power would not act in such a threatened fashion but would welcome collegial exchanges. Europe is now merely a stage for W's swaggering.