Monday, February 14, 2005

Blaming the Blogs

The media establishment is a bit angry at Blogs these days because information, opinions and access are getting away from their control. The Eason Jordan debacle from Davos and CNN, the Dan Rather spurious story on W and the military, and so many other media screw-ups are getting the heat they deserve. I do not experience this primarily as a left-right wing, culture war. I see it as media anger that its hegemony is being so effectively challenged. Besides the Blogs, there is a dramatic downturn of circulation in the print media, the silly efforts to fill a 24/7 news cycle on cable, and the hyped up celebrity trials, nutritional scares and all the insatiable gossip. It not all bad but it is mostly entertainment. Major media has done this to itself and Blogs are a great way of by-passing their stranglehold on access. Bloggers, go for it and let a thousand flowers really bloom this time.