Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tsunamis and the Problem of Evil

"The most respectable argument against belief in God," is how I heard the problem of evil described in my early theology studies. The tragedies in South Asia raise again all the issues of evil in our world. I have never been too puzzled by humanly induced evil (or good) because I see potential for both within myself and others. However, massive evil caused by natural disasters is more mysterious. We live in a deeply flawed universe and those flaws bisect our own inner selves along with the tectonic plates whose shifts caused the earthquakes and psunamis. Why does a good God allow such imperfection to mount such horrendous evil? No one can answer that question but some prayer and respectful silence is the only stance we can take in response. What we can influence is human choice and decision making, even when we are at the mercy of weather and vast disruptions. So I try to be generous and also pray that all nations re-discover their own grace of generosity.