Saturday, January 01, 2005

New for only 12 hours

Even though I slept (peacefully) through the arrival of the New Year, I am aware in these early hours of something new, but not fully new. All that has happened in the past year, and in all the years of old, will have impact and influence on this New Year. Yet there is something bracing and energizing about the fantasy of "starting all over." We are tired of the violence and the war and the epidemics that have surrounded us for so long. The Tsunami tragedies in Asia are so massive that we cannot even comprehend the scale or its measurements in numbers. What will we find in these new days and months? Asia, Iraq, Africa, ourselves -- all are in desperate need of rescue or redemption. Can God find us in the muddles and tragedies which are largely due to our own mindless mayhem, or the lack of our generosity to those events which just seem to happen, like earthquakes? Are we hiding in fear, or in our own comfort zones, or in our usual escape mechanisms? Maybe, despite the enormity of the tasks, we need to stop at the beginning of this year and allow God to break into our lives, our world and our confusion.