Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Catholic Relief Services

Had a chat last night with a good friend who is heading out to Sri Lanka, India and Dafur, as a CRS official. I ask your prayer for him and for his family who are back in Maryland. He should be back in time for the birth of his second child. And that only makes me more aware of the need to pray for his safety, health and travel, and for all the world-wide relief workers who do their work at considerable risk. Please pray for all of them. It also calls on our sustained generosity as individuals, communities and a nation. There will now ensue a long period of need for reconstruction and development in many places that have been hard hit and were already in great need before the tsunamis. Sustainable development is so crucial. It was wonderful to hear Professor Jeffrey Sachs last night, shedding light on the UN millennium Hunger Task Force and how just a small increase in our US aid (now so meager) could save millions of lives from death and misery. All this may change hearts and bring grace. The web page for CRS is above.