Thursday, December 23, 2004

Segmenting Life

All day yesterday and today, I am marveling at our (my) human capacity for placing experiences into almost air-tight compartments. The slaughter in Mosul, the photos, the dead and wounded, and above all, the policies directing it all, have been so deeply disturbing. It is hard for me to even imagine not thinking and praying about this war. And yet, it is Christmas. And I have been having some wonderful conversations with friends and family, planning a trip to Boston right after the 25th when I will see some people I deeply cherish. Dear friends have a beautiful one year old who is having his 2nd Christmas and his father told me he already knows to turn to the Christmas tree when it is vocalized. I love hearing about this little guy and his new tricks and skills. Our own family received very happy news yesterday about my niece, Kate's, early acceptance into the college she wanted most. Still its all so separate from Iraq. Imagine all this being shattered by tragic news of a fatality or wounding from that war. I don't even know someone serving over there right now. Where do we get the skill to segment and compartmentalize our lives? A skill that we honed to survive the evolutionary climb? And how much have we climbed up? Yet God loved all this so much that he pitched his tent here among us.


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