Monday, December 13, 2004

Immigration, Guadalupe, Life issue

A phone conversation last night with some very dear friends, now expecting their 2nd child, made me both angry and more aware of the vagaries of US immigration policies and procedure. One set of the grandparents live in Asia and want to be here for the birth of their grandchild. They are elderly and have no political argument but they are being held up with visa technicalities. They will not even know whether the US will allow them to make the trip until almost the day of departure. Certainly no way to make friends. And with all the Guadalupe celebrations this week, I am so vividly aware of the great role of immigrants in American life. My own parents cames from Ireland in the 1920s. Now wonderful people come into this NY area from China, Mexico and so many Latin countries. Why has America become so narrow in its immigration stance? If you tell me that its due to heightened security since 9/11, then please also give me a list of the names of terrorists that have been stopped with this immigration net.


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