Friday, December 17, 2004

Abortion, Democrats and their defeat

A number of prominent Democrats are engaging, in their elections de-briefings, in a re-thinking of the hard line, absolutist, abortion on demand stance of the party since Roe. Remember the shameful exclusion of Gov Casey in 1992 as a speaker at the Dem Convention. There is no doubt that Kerry's adamant ProChoice affirmations, especially his support of partial birth abortion, played some (hard to estimate exactly) role in his defeat. I still believe that Bush and company depart even more from the full spectrum of Catholic social teachings, but Bush is evidently the first Republican to get more than 50 percent of self-identified Catholic voters. The good outcome at least here is a Democratic and their related pundits re-evaluation of their ideology of so-called abotion rights. That still leaves big issues of the Catholic approach out of both parties: effective government support of families and single mothers and children, the death penalty, the calamitous Iraqi occupation, contempt for the UN and other church favored bodies, EU and others. Let all Catholics pray and work to create a more open Democratic party and to express support for those who are working on it. New Senate Dem leader, Sen Harry Reid of Nevada, is apparently ProLife. Lets keep him embraced, at least on that issue


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